Garden Pests Diseases & Good Bugs <b>Denis Crawford</b>

Garden Pests Diseases & Good Bugs Denis Crawford

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There are so many pesticides, fungicides and chemicals we willing put on our favourite plants out of desperation to protect them from being decimated by Pests and Diseases. How do even know we are using the right product if we don't know what the problem is in the first place? We may even be doing more damage than good? sometimes using a broad range chemical may attack the Good Bugs in our gardens that could naturally help the problem!

This book clears all that up... Divided into seperate sections for each pest and disease types, It gives a description of the pest, photos and most importantly possible host/target species. It contains Organic methods such as Home remedies, Biological (Good Bugs), Cultural controls and where needed Chemical controls to solve the problem.

A guide that has come handy in desperate need when growing plants in the Nursery. Plants aren't immune to pest and diseases, Knowledge of treatments and protocols are paramount to healthy plants.

A great companion book to your indigenous plants, for when they themselves are in need of a little help.



The most comprehensive illustrated book on pests and diseases – and beneficial insects – for Australian gardeners.

Pages: 464, Cover: Paperback, Publisher: HarperCollinsISBN: 9780733331886