<i>Atriplex semibaccata</i> Creeping Saltbush <b>Geelong Provenance</b>

Atriplex semibaccata Creeping Saltbush Geelong Provenance

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A small creeping spreading erect shrub, with oblong shaped greyish green foliage. 

The habit is evergreen, commonly used as a ground cover to sprawl and climb fences and to control soil erosion. The leaves can be edible once they have been boiled. 

A great found source for native birds.

Found mostly throughout the state of Victoria, it can be used for a rockery garden, birds and lizards eat the fruit.

Height x Width: 30cm x 1-2m

Conditions: Well drained to heavy soil. Full sun to semi-shade 

Flowers: Flowers in small dense clusters which also form red berries which are succulent when ripe in Nov-Feb.